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Our Story

Welcome to Tiny Kitchen!  
My culinary journey began during my eight years living in vibrant Melbourne. Working in diverse kitchens alongside skilled chefs, I immersed myself in the art of creating exceptional cooking products.

Now, at 32, I've returned to my Dutch roots in Amsterdam, where I've transformed my modest kitchen into the heart of all things Tiny Kitchen. From this cozy Amsterdam abode, every product is meticulously crafted with care and a dedication to quality, specifically designed to elevate your cooking experience.

My time in Melbourne taught me the importance of working with top-tier ingredients and the nuances of flavour. Above all, it ignited a passion within me to make exceptional cooking accessible to everyone. Recognising the time constraints many face, Tiny Kitchen focuses on delivering high-quality products that enhance your culinary creations, from exquisite oils to flavourful salts, without compromising on taste.

At Tiny Kitchen, we believe in sharing love through food. Our range of thoughtfully curated products aims to add zest to your kitchen and bring joy to those who appreciate excellent cuisine, even amid life's bustling pace.

We warmly welcome you to Tiny Kitchen and hope that our range of flavorful products enriches your cooking experiences. Here, we firmly believe that creating delicious meals should be an enjoyable, delightful experience!

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